Meet the Competitors: BID WIZ Players BBQ TEAM

As hard as the BBQ Blaze Off folks work behind the scenes to get ready for this competition, we realize there would be no event without our competitors. We had the pleasure of interviewing one of our competitors this week.

BBQ Blaze Off Blogger:
We are excited to be speaking today to BID WIZ Players BBQ TEAM. Can you tell us a little bit about your team?
We are a small BBQ Team from the Kansas City Area. What makes us special is that we all have a passion for BBQ. I guess most big team dont even see us as a threat, but we have been known to take them down. Team members include Captian Richard King ,Tommy Hardin, Renee Tammons Hardin.

BBQ Blaze Off Blogger:
What’s YOUR favorite type of barbeque?
We like bbq that is bit of everything sweet tangy, with touch of heat on the end.
BBQ Blaze Off Blogger:
If you were to select an eighties pop-star as your team mascot, which one would it be, and why?
BabyFace. Because we are still a baby team in the BBQ world ,but we will be up in your face on calls.
BBQ Blaze Off Blogger:
Why did you choose to be a competitor in the Blue Springs BBQ Blaze-Off?
The Blue Springs BBQ Blaze off to me is one of the best cook-off’s I have been in. We love the staff that puts together the contest. The location is wonderful along with the atmosphere. We have done well at this cook off. We look forward the Blaze Off each and every year.
BBQ Blaze Off Blogger:
Thank you for your time today. We look forward to seeing you and tasting your wonderful BBQ at the Blaze Off.

Zumba At The Blue Springs BBQ Blaze Off

You may have heard of Zumba, the workout inspired by Latin and world music to create a fun way of keeping in shape. In fact, a Zumba workout gathering can quickly become a party with the easy to follow dance moves that makes it fun to burn the calories. Now you can get in on the party at the Blue Springs BBQ Blaze Off.

Zumba has swept the nation as one of the most successful dance fitness programs in the world. Creator Alberto “Beto” Perez “accidentally” created the program when he forgot his usual aerobic exercise music and substituted with the salsa and merengue he listened to on his own. Needless to say, his class loved it and a new fitness program was born.

The Zumba concept focuses on letting the music move you rather than focusing on counting the reps you do to music. Since the program took off from its beginnings, many well-known producers have created music especially for the program, so you get a contemporary workout to music you will enjoy and create an enjoyable experience.

No matter you age, shape or size, you can enjoy a Zoomba workout and reap the benefits. More than 12 million people in 125 countries all over the world take Zumba classes every week in more than 100,000 locations. However, you do not need to go very far to get in on all the fun. Join us at the BBQ Blaze Off for a sample of this dancersize craze sweeping the nation!

Winners Of The 2012 Taste Of The Carolinas Barbecue Contest

The Democratic National Convention conducted a search to find the best barbecue sauce in February of 2012. They received thirty submissions in three groups: mustard, tomato, and vinegar. Barbecue sauces entered in the contest included familiar brands as well as homemade barbecue sauce. Criteria used to pick the winner came from the score sheet of the South Carolina Barbecue Society. The entries were graded on aroma, taste, and the overall impression they made on judges.

The three winners of the Taste of the Carolinas contest were announced by the Democratic National Convention. The winners are:
Dan Huntley from Pig Pucker Barbecue in Charlotte in the mustard category
Tom Montgomery and Sabra Kelly from Twelve Bones Smokehouse in Asheville for their tomato based barbecue sauce
Mark Cieslikowski from Barbecue Pit of Lake in Lake Wylie for the tomato-based group.
The winning sauces can be bought at local stores and money will be raised for the next convention 7th Street Public on Saturday

Huntley stated “It is a great honor in barbecudom having my sauce selected by the DNC.” Montgomery is excited they won and hopes all will like their sauce at the next convention. Cieslikowski stated the creation of their sauce came from several years of trying various vinegar sauces.

Judges of the barbecue sauce contest included Sherry and Brian Teigue from the Barbecue Society, Jon Fortes, chef executive of the Mimosa Grill, and Kathleen Purvis, a food writer. Also among the judges was Mayor Anthony Foxx and committee director Dan Murrey.

Dry Rub Vs. The Marinade: The Dispute of Summer Grilling

When the cold weather gives way to warmth, and people start venturing out of their winter cocoons into sunlight, the odor of Grilling wafts through neighborhoods, inspiring many to have a barbecue of their own. Along with this inspiration comes the desire to create a Grilling masterpiece. Of course, a method of preparation must be chosen; simply throwing the meat on the grill would be tantamount to sacrilege. Two popular preparation approaches of meat for barbecue are the marinade and dry rub. Before choosing which to use, each method should be investigated.

A marinade is a liquid based preparation for a meat barbecue. Many claim the flavor of the liquid marinade permeates the meat more thoroughly. One definite advantage lies in the fact that a marinade tenderizes the meat before Grilling, so you can choose a cheaper cut of meat for your barbecue. Good meats for marinade are the London Broil or Flank Steak. Chicken and fish are good for a marinade when grilling. When using a marinade, plan on less preparation time because too much time in the marinade will break these meats down and make them mushy.

A dry rub doesn’t permeate the meat as readily as a marinade, so added preparation time is advised; it should sit in a plastic bag after rubbing for a time before Grilling. Many prefer to barbecue with a dry rub because it has a crunchy flavorful crust you can’t get with a marinade. Pork and Beef Brisket are good dry rub Grilling options, but so are poultry and tender cuts of steak.

Whether you are going to use a marinade or dry rub will influence what cut of meat you choose, your preparation time, and how you plan the rest of your meal. Once you have made those choices, enjoy your summer barbecue.

Impress With Innovative Grilling Recipes

If you have been lucky enough to go to a BBQ competition, you have experienced the tantalizing smells and aromas from grilling recipes wafting everywhere. Nothing compares to the great food you can make on the grill, but getting maximum flavor and ideal texture can be hard. The true masters of this cooking form never tell people exactly how they do it. If you want to try your hand in such competitions like the Blue Springs Blaze Off, you need to work on your own style and maybe have something African inspired that can impress a judge. This will involve a lot of work, and hours spent on the grill perfecting the right technique. You can get a head start by simply picking unique grilling recipes.

The ideal way to catch the eye of someone is with new food products on the grill they have not seen before. Yes, pork is always a favorite, but African inspired foods such as lamb and eggplant will mean people coming over to check out your food. Just having something different will mean people remember you next year.

Remember, at a BBQ competition, there are hundreds of participants, and most of the ones with pork grilling recipes are going to be overlooked, unless they do a truly sensational job. If you really want to get noticed, you will need to have new food products, maybe something that is African inspired. It is always hard to win on your first attempt, but with some practice, and unique flavors, you can get your name out there, and show the world your grilling expertise.

This article has been reposted with many thanks to and permission from Kilimanjaro Foods.

A Good Cause: BACA

BACA: Bikers Against Child Abuse

Blue Springs Barbeque Blaze Off is proud to present the charity for this year: Bikers Against Child Abuse. BACA is a non-profit organization that exists to provide aid, comfort, safety, and support for children that have been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused.
BACA are “breaking the chains of abuse” with its mission of “intent to create a safer environment for abused children.” Through different levels of intervention and involvement in court proceedings, BACA members intend to “empower children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live”. Continue reading

Using Unique Food Items In Your Barbeque

If you have ever attended a barbeque (BBQ) competition as a spectator, you are intimately familiar with the mouthwatering aromas and delicious flavors common to such events. There is nothing quite like scrumptious barbequed products from the grill, but achieving the proper flavor and texture can be difficult. This is why the barbeque masters never give away their best grilling secrets. If you are interested in entering a barbeque competition such as the Blue Springs Blaze Off, you will need to develop a barbeque method that can wow the judges, but this takes time and a lot of trial and error on the grill. Continue reading

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